Thursday, August 12, 2010

Robert Henri Museum in Cozad, NE (29:365)

We are finally home!
On the last leg of our trip back to Lincoln we passed through tiny Cozad, NE. Each time we drive by it I want to stop to see their well advertised (little freeway signs) Robert Henri Museum, and each time I tell Scott that you pronounce Henri like Henr-I, not Henry. He didn't believe me...but I was right! Even though I can't remember anything else from my college years, at least I can remember how to pronounce Robert Henri's name...but I digress...
We had a nice little tour by a cute little old lady with an odd Midwestern accent that was hard to understand (example: "Ohia" = Ohio, "Cince-natty" = Cincinnati) . The museum used to be the home Robert lived in as a boy and is now used for local parties, one of the rooms is also a gallery for 2 local artists. The tour was okay, but the lady didn't really know anything about the home or any of the artifacts (especially since probably 95% of what was on display didn't belong to Robert's family), but she was cute.
The girls did well on the tour, probably mostly due to the fact that I bribed Jane with a sucker if she didn't yell or touch anything during the whole tour. She even "oooh'd" and "ahhh'd" with Scott and I as we responded to the tour guide's vast knowledge.
It was a fun little stop that allowed a little more experience than a gas station or rest stop. I think in the future I'll start looking up other little places like that to use as rest stops.

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