Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rainbow Cake for Dee: Part 2 (73:365)

Dee's party was a smashing success!

The cake went very well.
It looked so pretty up on it's pedestal. 

Dee LOVED it to bits.
And that's all that really matters.

After baking and cooling the cake layers, I then layered them on the cake pedestal, according to Roy G. Biv, and put a layer of frosting in between each one.

Then I frosted the outside. 
Since I'd refrigerated it for a while before decorating it, the frosting was hard and did not want to accept the skittles onto it's sweet frosting coating...have no fear, flaming torch is here! 
Yes, I used a torch to melt the frosting a bit so that I could get the skittles to stick. 
I like to think of myself as resourceful, not insane. 
Thank you.

So, then I decorated it with a skittle rainbow and a number 3.
Doesn't look like a 3. 
I know. 
I was nervous making the rainbow, so I made it too small, it ended up really tight and smushed, and then the 3 just looks weird. My friend Julie told me she thought it was all a cute rainbow umbrella.
She's very sweet.
Let's just pretend that's what it is.

The pretty insides.

The remains of the day.

Here are the steps for making this lovely cake.
1. Prepare two White cake mixes.
2. Evenly pour batter into six bowls.
3. Add food coloring until desired colors are achieved (I prefer the gel type that you can buy at a craft or specialty store, or sometimes Wally-World).
4. Bake each layer according to directions on box, only, more like for 12-15 minutes since the layers are smaller than the box says to do.
5. Let cool completely.
6. Begin to layer the cake on desired serving platter, adding a layer of frosting between each colored layer. (Baker's tip - add a thin layer of frosting between bottom cake layer and the serving platter to help stabilize the cake. Thanks mom!)
7. Frost the outside.
8. Decorate
9. Enjoy!

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