Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Photoshop Experiments Part 2 (28:365)

The Almost Lith Print



Yesterday I found an awesome Photoshop magazine at Costco while I was supposed to be doing something else...and today since we are at a hotel I decided to experiment with Photoshop for my creative duty for the day. I couldn't figure out every command that was explained, but also, the internet wasn't cooperating so I couldn't find the help I needed. Anyhoo, here is an almost finished version of a Lith Print on Photoshop. It was fun to experiment and learn new tricks!

P.S. The Wi-Fi at Little America is slooooow.

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  1. Neat picture. Photoshop is fun! You'll get the hang of it. That is one seriously scary puppet, though! Wouldn't want to wake up to that thing in the middle of the night.


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