Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Patacones and a Chiffon Rosette (34:365)

Tonight I made patacones for the first time. They are a love of mine that I discovered half my life ago in Costa Rica. I got the recipe here. That blogger also had some good tips. Fried plantains. Yum. I like to use them to scoop up refried black beans.

Jane actually tried a bite and enjoyed them enough for 2 bites, then ate her first taco! (She is a typical picky toddler.)

Scott, my ever sceptical palate, ate them right up!
Here is his happy face.

Lucy is struggling with solids and did not like me trying to get her to eat some before her bottle. Instead, she just played in it for a while.

I also started a project I've been meaning to do for 2 months now. I am making a rosette necklace out of hot pink chiffon with a chain wrapped throughout. This is a TERRIBLE picture because I was feeling lazy, but it will not the be last. Once it's totally done I'll take another and post it.

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