Sunday, August 22, 2010

Flannel Board Complete and More... (39:365)

I finished making my flannel board today.
Now I just need to finish
cutting out all the fun stuff to put on it...

Also, yesterday I cooked with turnips for the first time (put them in a yummy "throw it in the pot" soup, i.e., throw whatever is left over in the fridge into the pot and boil. I chopped the turnips into cubes, sauteed in butter for 10 minutes and dumped it ALL into the soup.
The Soup = Leftover chicken drumsticks from a failed Weight Watchers recipe [failed our tastebuds], kale, carrots, chicken "better than bullion", water, pepper, basil, northern/white canned beans. Yum!)

And, yesterday, for my friend's birthday, I made this flower, va-va-voom!

into a brooch so she can put it on a bag or jacket

and made another brooch with 3 poppies out of some fabric sample scraps I got from an estate sale and buttons I got from another estate sale.

Those are my favorite things now, estate sales...except that I have a huge garbage bag full of awesome fabric (that cost only $5!) taking up space in my living many projects, so little time.

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