Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Flower Designs and Bacon (41:365)

While whittling my time away this evening (crafting), Scott and I enjoyed an hour of Jim Gaffigan: Beyond the Pale from our beloved Netflix queue streaming out of our TV (yes, I LOVE IT). Oh man, this guy is a FREAK!!! But in a good way. At least the first half of the routine. Then it gets kind of lame. Anyway, here is a little snippet of goodness from the show. Enjoy!

Now back to business.
Here are some of the flower designs I worked on tonight from scraps leftover from yesterdays project and some other old t-shirts and lace. I want to make some t-shirt headbands and a couple of barrettes from them.

I actually completed one, as a little sassy black barrette for Lucy. She's still pretty thin on top, but I'm hoping it will work on her soon.


  1. Loved the clips and the movie!

    Stopping by from MMB.


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