Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sporting New Boots! (227:365)

My mom bought me some cute (clearance!) clothes yesterday, including this preppy dress and snazzy boots.

I've never owned any boots before, because of 
A. I've never been able to fit into any off the rack, 
B. I didn't have the guts to wear them, and 
C. I didn't want to pay $50+ for them.
Good news, we found those on clearance for $10!

We got the next, can I say-SEXY boots for only $13! 
My outfit here cost under $30. 

Hooray for clearance shopping, of which this year has been amazing!

(Thanks again, mom!)


  1. sexy mama!
    Love everything!
    including the model...:)

  2. I got the same $5 jeans at Target after Julie gave us the tip! Score!! Looking good in those!


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