Friday, August 20, 2010

Onesie Extenders or Why I Want to Cry (37:365)

I'm trying to make some of these (click here) and I found a great tutorial here to help me do it on the cheap. Looks way easy, right? So, please explain to me why my sewing machine will NOT sew stretch fabric without eating it up!? @%^#!? Yes, that is a computer swear word. I put it on a "stretch stitch" and my machine is computerized, so it automatically sets everything how it should be for each stitch. I also cleaned out the dusty insides and put a new needle in. Might not be the right kind of needle though? Argh. I don't know.

I finished one onesie extender, only to realize that one side of snaps was facing the wrong way. (That has to do with my issue with authority and deciding that the girl in the tutorial didn't know what she was thinking so I decided to sew them my way instead of hers...sigh.
I'll never learn.)

So, I cut it apart to fix it and now my machine will NOT sew the stretch fabric without freaking eating it to bits and it getting stuck inside the machine every time!

So, this is a day of attempts, with no results.

Help! What is wrong with my machine? (OR, what is wrong with me?!)

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