Monday, September 24, 2012

Given the Okay

I know at least of couple of you noticed that this blog has had some issues lately, but they appear to have been resolved and I can get back into writing again. 

Dee's birthday is coming up next week and I am still working on getting that put together. She wants a "Dance Party". I think we've agreed on a rockin' cool dance party, over a princess-ey type one, after some persistence and finagling on my part. I think it's gonna be fun! I'm trying not to get too stressed and go over the top about it, cuz' Scott don't like a party planning momma. He says parties make me grouchy. Boo. I told him to suck it up cuz' parties are fun and are supposed to make you grouchy cuz' it takes lots of planning and stress to make it fun. He said okay. And I said I'd try to tame it down a bit, so we'll meet in the middle.

Z is a sweet dolly, climbing the stairs (boo!) and "cruising" all over the house. Goose is a 2 year old. Adorable, but a danadinho (like a naughty stinker head a la Portuguese). Dee is almost 5. Smart, friendly, sweet and obedient. Things are going well and I have a plethora of plans for creative things to do. Now I just need to get these kiddos to leave me alone for a few minutes so I can do something fun! :) Since Scott and I just finished season 2 of the Walking Dead, I can breath a little more and not be so scared to walk into a dark room for another 3 weeks before season 3 starts up.

What are you up to?

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