Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mending Bin (83:365)

All my new projects has caused my mending bin to grow exponentially.
Today it got a little love from the mending lady.

Things I fixed:
Size 2T Dora undies
Shiny pink princess dress up skirt
Made another onesie extender. (see here and here for directions)

I'm also planning some cutie pie outfits, for our up coming family reunion and family photos, for me and Scott.
Just kidding.
For the little ladies. 
Our "family color" is black so we all need black shirts. 
My debate is do we wear plain long sleeve black shirts or do I try and embellish them with ruffles or flowers?
And, I'm thinking the girls could be matching, with black leggings and matching skirts that I would like to make out on old t-shirts like this one.
I'm not planning on making the leggings, they'll just wear black, but I need to make the skirts. 
I may do gray...we'll see.

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