Sunday, October 17, 2010

Paletas (95:365)

Have you ever tried a Paleta?
I am a timid experimenter of foreign ice cream.
I didn't have much luck with the Brazilian type.
Didn't have much luck in the Czech Republic.
Apparently Mexico didn't get the "bad foreign ice cream maker" memo.
Thank goodness.

Mango was my flavor. It was creamy and sweet with a hint of tartness.
I could have used a little more tartness, but overall, it was delicious.

Scott tried a flavor not listed on their website, perhaps a vintage flavor?
PiƱa colada was his muse. It was better than I thought it would be. Perhaps even better than the Mango. Goose sure liked it!
Have you ever tried the Mamey flavor? I am dying to know what it tastes like.
This is a mamey according to Mr. Wiki,
"The fruit's flavor is variously described as a combination of pumpkin, sweet potato, and maraschino cherries with the texture of an avocado. Some consider the fruit to be an aphrodisiac."
Sounds delightful.

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