Thursday, October 28, 2010

Covered Button Earrings and Beef Stew (106:365)

I made more fabric covered button earrings today for the upcoming holiday bazaar. One pair in particular is hot! I'm totally making a ton of them. Even better, they are made from vintage fabric I got at an estate sale. 

And I made a beef stew from the trusty Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. I have to say, I was not a big fan of the stew (my favorite from that cookbook is the Polenta and Beef Stew - Yummy!), but Scott liked it. That's all a wife can hope for, a happy honey bunch.

Also, we had Buttered Rosemary Rolls from The Pioneer Woman website.
They are super yummy and really easy. 
A family fav.

I HEART that stuff. Even Scott likes it and there is cheese in it.
Although, I don't think he realizes how much cheese is in it, so hopefully he isn't reading this post or he'll likely stop eating it altogether (mostly out of "principle" or something)!
Regardless, that is going on our menu next week.
I'm already salivating.

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