Monday, October 11, 2010

Mom Pants into 2 Sweet Girlie Skirts, Part 2 (89:365)

I began this project almost a week ago, hemming and hawing over it because I am a freak.
Finally, I finished (I think).

My mom gave me these pants which were just too big.
What to do?
Cut, cut, cut!

With a little inspiration from here and here,
I came up with these cuties.

This has to be the best part. 
I was too lazy to hem them,
plus I think they'd be too short if I did.
So, instead I left the hem as a frayed edge
(I have a skirt like that that I love)
and used my fantastical genius sewing machine
to do a scalloped stitch along the edge.

Should I add something like these flowers to the bottom corner?

These skirts are for our family photos we are takng
this weekend at a family reunion.
They are going to wear black long sleeved shirts on top. 
Should I add a black ruffle to their shirts? 
Or just do cute flowers/headbands with
flowers out of the skirt fabric?


  1. Holy Adorableness! You never cease to amaze me!

  2. Thanks Cheryl! You too, and your fancy wreaths. Thanks again for those van pictures of Jane.


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