Monday, October 25, 2010

Giant Felt Bow, French Onion Soup, and My First Free Purchase (103:365)

I have been sort of fighting the giant bow trend.
I don't understand how all of these weird 80's trends keep coming back!

I gave in today and made a giant red felt bow for a headband for Jane.
It was so big it was threatening to blow off in the wind.
It was cute though. I just might borrow it sometimes.
Next one I make will be smaller.
I used this super easy tutorial.

For dinner I made French Onion Soup from my trusty Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. It was pretty good. A little too sweet though, because I tried to caramelize the onions a bit and added a little bit of sugar for that. Scott enjoyed it though, and that is all that matters around here, since he is Mr. Picky Palate.

And finally, today was the first time I have ever bought anything for free!
All you amazing couponers, you know who you are (Heather J...) have probably already had this experience, but today was my first.
We bought some stuff at the grocery store, and then I got a $6 cash coupon (a catalina) and $1.50 off 6 cans of Campbell's Chunky soup. So I went back in the store, got 6 cans that were on sale and that totaled $7.50. The cashier rang it up, scanned the coupons, and then said, "That will!"
It feels great.
I need to get me a newspaper again so I can get that kind of a deal more often.
Anyone know how to just subscribe to the Sunday coupons without getting the paper?
And how to subscribe to multiples of the coupons?

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