Thursday, October 7, 2010

Scott's First Kid Crisis (85:365)

Today while attempting to quickly purchase some crafting supplies, I left the entire fam in the car and ran quickly into the store.
I came outside a few minutes later to find Scott in crisis mode. 
This is the story I got:

While trying to feed Goose a bottle, she barfed all over herself, him and outside on the asphalt.
Then a little girl and her mom came up near the car and the little girl started having a conversation with Scott while he was covered in barf. She kept asking him questions and he was irritated but polite, hoping the mom would encourage the girl to get into their car. Instead, the mom just watched (noticing the barf everywhere and not flinching,) saying, "she's very sociable, it will help her get ahead in life".

Once they finally left Scott alone, little Dee declared she had to go potty.
Exclaiming that she needed to wait, and putting Goose rapidly into her carseat, Scott ran around the car and pulled Dee out of the car in the nick of time to let a little puddle form under our car.

Cue me:

I come walking out, seeing the front door of the car wide open and empty and frantically look around for my husband and child. Scott starts to get exasperated saying, "Why didn't you answer your phone? I called you 5 times!". I look at my phone to see that I have no service. Lame old phone. (Thinking about getting a new carriers, any suggestions?) "Sorry!", I say, "I had no service".
Then we clean up, and drive away, leaving 2 little nasty puddles surrounding our parking spot.

Good Times.

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  1. We use verizon, but only because Cellular One turned into Alltel and then Alltel turned into Verizon. So we still have an old Alltel plan that they haven't made us switch yet, but it is under Verizon's name. Long story short--we use Verizon (kinda) and haven't had any problems with them and since they took over the coverage area of the other companies that I mentioned before, I really think they have the best coverage map. I have yet to find a place between here and Utah that I haven't gotten service. Hope this helps.


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