Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lucy's First Boo at the Zoo, Rosettes and my Halloween costume (105:365)

Our local zoo does a fun "Boo at the Zoo" every year where you trick or treat around the zoo at booths that local vendors set up. It's really fun! You even get to see whatever animals can handle the cold (it was like 35 F last night!), which were just Santa's Reindeer and 5 penguins.
Goose got many awwww's, and Dee did too, both being the cutest little kitties.

We had fun with some friends too. Thanks for meeting up with us!

I've also been working on some rosettes that I will be selling at a local craft fair next month. Boy, I am feeling overwhelmed by it and I am barely doing anything. Probably just because it is my first time selling anything.

And I am working on my Halloween costume.
I'm going to be a witch.
I got this awesomely bad huge black shiny shirt at Goodwill for $0.99 and I'm making it smaller and uglier for my costume. I want to make the bottom jagged, but the fabric frays like crazy! I think melting the edges will solve that though.

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