Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Roller Skating like it was 1989 (112:365)

Now, I'm not positive, because I have a TERRIBLE memory, but I don't think I've roller skated at a roller rink since the 80's. Tonight our church youth group went skating for our weekly activity. As a leader, I felt a little goofy and afraid that I would break my arm or something in front of everyone.

I was a bit shaky the first couple of times around the rink, but then I got my "skate legs" back and rocked it grown up style. I dodged kids that were dropping like flies in front of me, stared at the weirdo's that probably live at the rink, and felt bad for the people who worked there.
Yeah, I think skating is just as nerdy as it was the last time I went, but it was also just as fun. 

And, they didn't do a snowball, so there was no awkward hugging of the carpeted wall.

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