Saturday, November 6, 2010

Buttons and Stew (115:365)

I have a problem with fabric stores.
They steal all my money.
I go in with an idea and come out with enough stuff for 10 ideas, and then only get 1/2 of an idea completed sometime the next month.
It's bad.
I am currently in Step 1 of the correction of this problem:

Now, on to the spoils!
Today I had some "Mommy Alone and Shopping Time" and while out I found some super cute fabric that will become fabric covered button bookmarks for my up and coming first craft bazaar (which I will keep promoting until it's over because it is helping me to remember to DO something to get ready).

So, I worked on those today and we tried a new recipe from the trusty BGH cookbook called Chicken Stew with Cornmeal Dumplings which was liked by Scott and sort of liked by Dee. I liked it too. It was creamy and the texture of the dumplings was nice (and they had cheese in them, so that was a bonus). 

Since it is Daylight Savings, do you think my kids are going to wake up an hour early tomorrow? I used to LOVE to Fall Back, but now I think I'm not going to like it anymore.

Sleep and me are buddies.
If I had any advice for teens that want babies it is this, YOU WILL NEVER GET A FULL NIGHTS SLEEP AGAIN UNTIL YOU ARE 50! 
Unless you are stern and make your kids sleep 12 hours a night like we do. 
They love it though...

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