Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Great Grandma Carlsen's Raspberry Jello (133:365)

Today I finished our jaunty cranberry sauce hats.

My sister, Scott and I worked on Thanksgiving too. We made a Chocolate Pecan Pie (a family favorite taken from Emeril, which he has now added an extra 1/2 cup pecans to), Pumpkin Pie, Mashed Potatoes, and our Great Grandma Carlsen's Raspberry Jello.

With thanksgiving in my heart, I share my grandma's recipe with you all.
May you hearts and tummy's be filled with gratitude, turkey and raspberry jello.

Great Grandma Carlsen's Raspberry Jello

1 large box of raspberry Jello

2 cups boiling water

1 cup cold pineapple juice (from the can of pineapple)

One 2/3 size can (not the regular size) of pineapple chunks or tidbits, drained.  --be sure to save one cup of the juice as per above. 
(I usually just buy the large sized can because you don't get enough juice even with that. You can also buy pineapple juice to make sure you have enough.)

1 cup of frozen raspberries

1 cup of whipping cream (prior to whipping)

1 Tbs powdered sugar

1 tsp Vanilla

Add Jello to boiling water and stir until dissolved.  Add pineapple juice.  Stir and chill until almost set.  In the meantime, whip the cream and combine with powdered sugar and vanilla.  Once the Jello is close to being set, fold the whipped cream into the Jello and then fold in the drained pineapple and the frozen raspberries.  Add chopped pecans to taste.  Continue chilling until firm. 

Serve and enjoy!

Missing you today grandma Carlsen.

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