Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday (135:365)

Black Friday has become a tradition in our family.
Before I'd met Scott, I didn't even know it existed. 
This year was our 6th year or binge shopping.
It was my first year of visiting the Gap.
50% off everything! 
Luckily, my honey was able to come with me and hold the spoils in line while I picked up more things. A lady in line behind him kept complaining out loud about it, but she was just jealous her husband wouldn't come shopping with her at 1am like mine did. 
He's a keeper!

It sure is bizarre to bump into a friend at 1am at the Gap. It made the madness more fun!

After that, we realized we could buy most of the DVD's we wanted from Amazon for the same price as the crazy stores, and did just that.

Then, at 3:15am I braved Target alone to get a couple of things for myself and Jane.

And at 11:30am I got my sister to come to Old Navy with me to scope out those sweet deals.

We survived Black Friday 2010 injury free and now need to filter through stuff and make returns tomorrow.
There are always hasty purchases that must go back to their place of rest.

Anyone else indulge in Black Friday that has a tale to tell?

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