Friday, November 12, 2010

First Snow of the Winter (121:365)

Today we all traveled out to Omaha (the big city 'round these parts) and went to the grand opening of the nearest Trader Joe's! It was great. I got a bunch of my favorite stuff, like almond meal (for baking), their amazing (and cheap!) kettle corn, and their peanut butter.
It was kind of a mad house, but fun anyway (for me at least).

Then, on the way home, we braved a little blizzard, facing snowflakes the size of ritz crackers. I got too dizzy trying to dry so luckily Scott was able to take over.

Neither of us had any idea it was supposed to snow. If we had, we would not had been brave enough to face it. Not yet. Winter isn't due yet, right?

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