Sunday, November 7, 2010

Flowbee (116:365)

My mom and step dad recently sent us a Flowbee.
You remember those things, right?
It's basically a vacuum with blades that cuts your hair.
Works for boys, men and grandmas, according to the pictures in the manual.

Well, you need to be able to hook it to your own vacuum to get the suction for hair cutting, and our vacuum is currently out of commission. It is clogged and I haven't been brave enough yet, or remembered to tackle it while Goose is asleep, so that's why our carpet is gross, for those of you who have recently seen my house and felt repulsed.

Anyway, Scott didn't realize that we needed to use our own vacuum for the Flowbee until he'd spent 30 minutes trying to figure it out (why don't boys read instruction manuals? but I digress...) so that is why you will not be seeing a real Flowbee haircut on here tonight. You won't be seeing one until I get that dang vacuum unclogged. Anyone a wiz at that and want to come fix mine? I'll make you something delicious...

(P.S. I hope Scott looks as cool as that guy "Rick", as stated on the image info, when we are done with him!)

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