Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dinner, Old Friends and Sleep (130:365)

We had my favorite dinner tonight from one of my favorite cookbooks, BGH Cookbook.
Polenta Beef Stew.
Super rich beef stew with rosemary.
Pour it on top of some warm and creamy polenta.
With a side of Rosemary dinner rolls that my sister whipped up for us.
Wish I could have dinner twice tonight.

I also went with a friend to visit a couple of old friends that I have missed.

And sleep.
One of my favorite pastimes. 
I am lacking in that department.
Goose is not though. 
She set a personal sleep-in record this morning.
Now, she did wake up at 4:30 am for a while, but I think she was having some #2 issues.
Then she slept soundly until 10:15!
I didn't wake her earlier because we had church at 11 am and she then doesn't get to nap until 2:30 pm.
What a sweetie.
I am a lucky mom.

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