Friday, September 10, 2010

White Vinegar is my Pal (58:365)

Our washing machine stinketh. 
So I googled, and found these directions on how to clean it, which I never knew people actually did until recently. So, this was my first time cleaning my washing machine (a strange concept).
However, I didn't wipe it down as directed because I got busy and forgot, but it does smell better.
I think it's also a problem with our drain because sometimes a lovely odors wafts up at me from the drain while the washing machine is a washing.

Also, our drinking glasses have tons on spots on them from the hard water and our dishwasher, so I followed the manufacturers directions and ran a load of just glasses and hot water with 2 cups of distilled white vinegar and they came out like new!

White vinegar is my new cleaning pal.

Do you know of any other uses for white vinegar?


  1. Heather - Thanks for the tip on cleaning the washing machine. I already use vinegar for everything else (cleaning dishes like you do, counters, cleaning appliances like the coffee maker and crock pot, etc) but for some reason I'd never thought of the washing machine. I'll have to get more vinegar at the store today!

  2. Vinegar is my friend too! We would tell students to use it on the bottoms of their nasty bath-tubs that they wouldn't clean all year long. Not to mention the nasty toilets. I LOVE white vinegar! :D


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