Sunday, September 19, 2010

Creamy Corn Chowder (67:365)

It was a chili day out today, so I decided to make some soup!
We had not a single potato on hand, so I substituted turnips for
potatoes again. The smell literally had Scott acting giddy (I think it really was the smell  of bacon that did it more so than the soup. Doesn't bacon make you giddy?)

After eating it for a little while, I told Scott that I used turnips in place of potatoes. He response was, 
"I think the turnips have worn out their welcome."

Note taken.

They sure do last forever though and, I think, they work in a pinch
when no potatoes are on hand.
Oh well, soup turned out pretty good, but would be better with fresh  sweet corn and potatoes. We also added a little cheese (yes, Scott DID have about a tablespoon of cheese on his, perhaps just for show for Jane. Whatever, it suits me just fine.
He will become a cheese convert...)

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  1. Nice Job, it looks awesome. You've inspired me to make some for us this weekend. You're certainly right about it being soup weather, we made tomato soup for dinner tonight. Thanks for sharing all of your creations with us!


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