Thursday, September 2, 2010

Seared Cod with Chive Butter and Her First Day of Preschool (50:365)

Well, I forgot to take a picture, but let me just say that it was good enough for Jane to enjoy one bite and not complain (that is a real feat, let me tell you!). 

I followed this recipe (or check out the video here), from one of our favorite The Next Food Network Star's non-winners, Aaron. We haven't had fish in a while, and since I'm a Northwest girl, I crave it so bad sometimes! I recently tried poached cod which turned out really well too. Today's recipe was good and simple. I did have to change a few things due to what was on hand and cost:

- I used only 1 egg for the egg wash, and there was plenty left over
- I used EVOO in place of Grapseed Oil
- I forgot to flip the fish and let the butter and lemon juice cook around the fish

For the Butter Sauce, I halved the recipe due to user comments/ suggestions and I changed the following due to cost 
and what was on hand:

- Substituted Chicken Stock in place of the White Wine
- Substituted Dried Thyme in place of Fresh Thyme
- Substituted Dried Onion for the Shallot 
(Wish I'd had a Shallot instead!)
- I used Half-and-Half in place of the Heavy Cream
- I used Dried Chives instead of Fresh (YUCK!)

It was still a good recipe, despited all the low brow substitutions that were made. I would definately make it again, but work on making the sauce more true to the recipe.

Also, today was Jane's first day of Preschool. She was really excited and told her teachers immediately that "Mommy made my pack pack!", and no, I didn't tell her to say that, she was just so proud of it.
She did well and had a good time. My baby is growing up!

I'm not so cute in this picture, but Jane is just adorable, 
so it had to be shared. Look at her glee!

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