Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chaos into Organized Matter (74:365)

With the party over, Scott's Comprehensive Exams done, and my problem with bringing too much into our home and taking nothing out...our house has turned into a chaotic disaster this week.

Today's project was to clean the pantry and cupboards and toss expired stuff and organize the good stuff. 
It probably took an hour or two (in mommy time, so I don't really remember how long I was working on it), but it was well worth it. I now know where everything is and what we have so I can plan dinner for the week and know what foods we need to use up asap before they go bad. 

That's one thing that really steams me up. 
When food goes bad before it gets eaten. 
I know that as the homemaker it is mostly my fault, but there are other people who live here too that could find food if they tried. 
But I digress...

Anyway, the cupboards are (mostly) organized and ready for efficient use.

Next it's on to organizing fabric and sewing projects.

P.S. Does anyone from here know where the local food bank is and their policy on donations?

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  1. The local food bank is in a warehouse near where 48th street dead-ends on the north end. Basically, take 48th a few blocks north of Superior and it will dead end near a bunch of warehouses. One is the food bank (there is a sign). It is on the East side of 48th street.

    I'm not sure about "policies", but our speech team donated food several times. I would just run it up there and they always took what the kiddos collected.


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