Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sweater Refashion into a Dress for the Goose Part 1 (63:365)

I saw people doing these all over the internet and decided to try it out. Taking ideas from many places, I'm working with a sweater that didn't have the exact kind of neck or
length that I needed for a baby dress. 
So, I've been having some technical difficulties, as usual,
and the dress is NOT complete. 
Here are the steps I've completed so far.

Problem #1: The bottom edges were a bit pointy, 
so I cut and sewed them straighter.
Problem #2: The neck hole is too small.
I think I've worked a solution, although it is not pretty.
I'll post it tomorrow.
Problem #3: Figuring out the sleeves. 
I want them to be caps that are a little puffy. 
We'll see how that goes!

P.S. The Goose = Lucy (we call her Lucy Goose)

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