Monday, September 27, 2010

Brown Petal Flower Barrette (75:365)

My friend gave me a much more elegant version of this barrette for my birthday (which I LOVE) and I decided to try and replicate it. I'm really not that happy with it to wear myself, but I think it will look cute on Dee. 

This is a terrible picture of it, but I guess it represents how I feel about it, drab.
Oh well. At least I tried, I guess.

Here's to tomorrows project turning out better!

Feeling overwhelmed today and wishing I had a serger so I could make these darling little bows. I tried them on my sewing machine and it was a sad mess. 
I shall not covet my neighbors serger...

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  1. Lurking on your blog again. Cute projects! And I have a serger that you are welcome to come use anytime.


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