Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pinkberry Style Frozen Yogurt (62:365)

My friend Heather came over today to make Pinkberry style frozen yogurt in my Cuisinart ice cream maker (it's the best! The frozen yogurt was ready in 20 minutes, if not faster, and we were able to do a second batch right after!).

We used a recipe found here. I've never had the real Pinkberry frozen yogurt, but my friend Heather has and she loves it. We used Greek yogurt and tried once with vanilla and once without. Honestly, I didn't notice a difference with or without the vanilla. It was good, but a little "goaty", if you know what I mean (you'll know what I mean if you've had Greek yogurt). I made this a long time ago using strained yogurt (see the recipe) and I think it tasted better that way, but it was sort of annoying to strain the yogurt. 

I noticed that Pinkberry has a seasonal Mango flavor, so I think next time I'll puree some frozen mango and add it to the yogurt before freezing. I bet that would be amazing! Also, raspberries on top of the plain flavor is a really good combo.

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