Friday, September 17, 2010

Refashioned T-Shirt into a Dress for Dee (65:365)

I found this medium sized adult woman's t-shirt at Goodwill and decided it had potential for a really cute little fall dress for Jane, if it didn't fit me (and I was too lazy to try it on). Well, it didn't fit me, therefore, it is now a preschooler dress.
In all my haste, I forgot to take a before picture...

When I gave Dee (Jane) the completed dress, she looked at it for a minute then looked at me and exclaimed, "I love it!". 
Now that is satisfying.

WARNING: New Dress May Induce Giddiness.


  1. Jane loves it- shoot, I (in big fat bold) LOVE it!!!! Wanna make me one? Oh wait.

  2. What a clever little project!! And, she loves it!!

  3. wow... that is great. wish I had girls to try this out on! stopping by from MMB.


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