Friday, February 11, 2011

Dee's First Dance! (211:365)

Our YMCA had a Valentine's Daddy Daughter dance tonight and Dee and Daddy pants went together. Goose was asleep already...

They had so much fun!
Dee requested "Talk About It" (Funky Town) from Shrek and had a lot of fun dancing to one of her favorite songs. She then kept wanting to request different songs, but daddy was a little bashful about bugging the DJ. 
During a slow song she kept yelling to Scott that she wanted them to change the song (like mommy like daughter-boo slow songs!). 
At the end of the night they gave Dee a rose which she was so excited about!

Dee and Scott had a really great time on their "date". I'm so grateful to have a husband who cares about his girls enough to spend quality time with them doing things the girls want to do!

The After Party

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