Sunday, February 6, 2011

3 Berry Super Bowl Cobbler (206:365)

I suggested to Scott that we each pick a team to cheer for today.
I don't now anything about the players though, so I asked what their colors were.
Based on that info, I rooted for the Steelers so I could wear my cute yellow shirt.

(Looks like I've been eating too many Super Bowl snacks...)

Oh well, maybe I'll have better luck next year.

I still enjoyed my bangin' good 3 Berry Cobbler.

That took 3x the normal time to cook...not sure why, but it was worth the wait!

Happy Super Bowl to you!


  1. i LERV how much we are in to the superbowl and football in general. hmmm..which shirt is the cutest that i most feel like wearing today. i try to explain to people: you see, the only sports we would ever watch at home growing up was the tour de france.

    i watched like 2 min of the superbowl, maybe. and i'm completely fine w/that

  2. Tour de France. Isn't that the only competitive sport on TV?

    The first time I remember (sort of) watching the Super Bowl was freshman year in college. We were not sporty people in our house...

    For me, the SB is about food and outfits, and what I am going to do for 5 hours...


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