Friday, February 18, 2011

Running and a Migraine (218:365)

I had a super great workout this morning. I ran for 15 1/2 minutes without stopping, the longest I've done in like 15 years, 

and then did some weights for about an hour. I felt really good!

Soon after I came home my vision began to have a blurry spot which I realized was actually a blind spot. I used to get migraines when I was in middle and high school so I knew what was potentially about to hit me. I used to get tunnel vision or see stars, but this was the first time that I had a major blind spot. When I was looking in the mirror at my face and couldn't see the entire right side of my face I realized something scary was maybe about to happen. I sent Scott to the store to get me some migraine medicine and he ran off and returned quickly. I took it and felt okay, and the blind spot cleared up, so I went with Dee to lunch with some friends. On the way I started to regret it, but kept driving anyway. We sat with our friends for about 10 minute before I decided I shouldn't have gone and told Dee we needed to leave right then. We left, I drove quickly, and about 2 minutes after walking in the door I threw up (good timing, right?!). I did feel a little better after that, but a dull headache was coming on, so, luckily, Scott was able to be home today and I got to sleep the headache off. Thanks honey!

Ever since, I've been on a caffeine buzz, since the migraine medication had as much as a cup of coffee! I don't drink caffeine so it really hopped me up. It's just now starting to wear off, 11 hours later.

So, today was a day of physical triumphs! First big long run and first migraine of the decade. Hooray!

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