Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Goose's First Swim (147:365)

Me and the little ladies went swimming today.

Dee is a fish. She's taken a swimming survival type class
(see here) and can just kick around and jump off the edge just fine. Sometimes her lack of fear is scary, but I'm so glad she loves the water.

It was Goose's first time ever.

She clung to me like a baby monkey for the first 
10 minutes (which was adorable!).

Then I started saying, "Ready, go!", and then 
dunking us to our shoulders.

She started to smile a bit.

Then I crossed the pool, back and forth, laying her on her back, kind of swaying her side to side. She kept one little bug-feeler leg up in the air for a while, then eventually relaxed and just enjoyed gliding around on her back. 

It was so cute!

Hopefully she'll turn out to be a little fish 
just like her big sister.

Then, while we were showering off, she kept poking Dee in the belly button. She'd take her right pointer and zoom it into Dee's button with a totally straight face, like she was a serious belly button scientist, while Dee and I just laughed and laughed because 
it was so strange.

I've got me a couple of goof balls. 

I sure love my babies!

BTW - Don't forget about the Holiday Craft Fair tomorrow (Thursday) from 5pm - 9pm at Scott Middle School. Hope to see you there!

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