Thursday, December 2, 2010

Goose's First Mac & Cheese (141:365)

Today we went to a local restaurant called Fireworks to celebrate Scott being ABD.
ABD means All But Dissertation, which basically means he can officially start applying for jobs even though he still needs to write his dissertation. So, it's a really big and exciting time for us!

At the restaurant Goose ate her first Mac & Cheese and LOVED it.
She kept wanted more and getting frustrated with my slow feeding abilities.
It was super cute.

Also, Dee found a book I bought about teaching your baby to swim and she was looking at it while I was getting ready to go out. She started yelling fratically for me. I ran out and she showed me a picture of a baby swimming underwater and said, "It's adorable!". She's such a little sweetheart. She is always surprising us with how smart and grown up she seems.

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