Saturday, December 4, 2010

Coffee Table into Shelves and Other Things, Part 1 (143:365)

With the help of my friends Sara and Jacob, I was able to do a little wood repurposing today.
We have a coffee table that was cracked along the bottom support, and which takes up too much room for our newly arranged living room, yet it felt wasteful to just toss out. I knew it still had some life in it somewhere. 

I needed shelves for my out of control fabric stash and crafting zone...
I needed to get a new piece of wood to fix our rocking ottoman that someone manly sat on and broke in two...

To the rescue come Sara and Jacob!
They have a circular saw, and they are super cool and nice, so they let me bring my table over and saw it up into tiny little usable bits!

There was a high of 32° today, but I'm sure it was more like 17° while we were outside sawing up the table. It was so cold, my face went numb, and while I was carrying wood back to my car my hands felt like they were flash frozen! I can't believe how nice my friends were to cut up my wood and do it all out in the frigid weather while their kids were jealous of me taking them away. 

Thanks you guys! I owe you one!

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