Sunday, December 5, 2010

Felt Flower Headband and a Photoshoot (144:365)

I got to take a nap yesterday (thanks honey!) 
so I was a bit wired last night.
While wired, I made this at 1am.
I think it turned out pretty cute!
I used organza ribbon to wrap the headband, securing it with my new favorite thing, "Fabri-tac" (thanks Jesa!).
Then I cut out 3 circles for each flower and sewed them like this.
Then I attached vintage buttons I found at an estate sale and some fun orange feathers from Hobby Lobby. On the back of the flower/feather piece, I made loops so I can slide it off and on from my headband, making it interchangeable! Because the worst part of making a headband is covering it. Boo.

I also got to help out on a photoshoot for my friends the D family, with my friend Jesa the photographer. She is really great and was generous to give me many tips!
I had a lot of fun trying to help freezing kids smile ('cuz it was like 17 degrees outside!) and to reflect light back onto those smiling faces.
It was my first time and I learned a lot. Thanks for letting me tag along!

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  1. I love that headband! I also love that you helped me out yesterday! Thank you so much! I think we had a good time despite the subfreezing temps. I'm not sure about the D family kiddos, though......


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