Saturday, December 25, 2010

Goose's First Christmas! (164:365)

The first Christmas for each kid is so sweet and special.
Goose didn't really understand it at all, but it was cute to see her react to the toys once they were opened. Santa brought a Rody, a rubber bouncy horse, for the girls.

 Goose is very afraid of Rody. I taught her how to sign "dog" a couple of weeks ago. We were all in the kitchen except Goose, she was in the living room, and I heard her whining. I came to see what was going on and found her sitting, staring at Rody, afraid to crawl by him to join us in the kitchen. She was sitting, staring at him, signing "dog", making a sad scared noise. 
It was so cute! And sad, but so cute. And, I was so proud of her signing "dog" for the first time, and doing it all by herself!

Our Christmas had other fun moments, but that was the cutest.
 How was your Christmas?

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