Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sick Kid (187:365)

We achieved a record today.
Dee threw up 9 times (at least that's when I stopped counting).
She's never thrown up more than once or twice in a day, and that's only happened once or twice in her life! She definitely set a record today, although it was not a desirable one!

Poor baby.
I've never seen her look so sick and miserable in her life. 
It's really sad!

She is currently sequestered in the kid bathroom, sleeping on the floor. This happened after I cleaned up 4 separate piles of yuck around the house all evening and realized that this was serious and should be contained. (I'm often a slow learner.)

As of now, the last time she threw up was around 10:30pm, and she's been asleep since.
Here's to hoping this all passes quickly and doesn't spread around!

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