Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Food is Good (188:365)

It was a snowy, recovery day around these parts, so I had loads of time to hang out and be busy in the kitchen. Lately I've been dying for some french bread with butter - best food in the world!!! - so I made me some. Straight out of my Kitchen Aid cookbook, this recipe was quick, easy and fantastic. (Find the recipe here.) Everyone from my baby up to my honey loved it.

Yes - that is Goose's Birthday Banner STILL up in the background...We like birthdays...

Loved it so much, we decided to snack all day on it then have meatball sandwiches for dinner.

They were better than they look...

Can you hear my lips smackin'?

While the bread was rising, I felt a little ambitious and made some homemade graham crackers. What?! Yeah, homemade! They turned out pretty good. What I would do differently - roll them thinner and bake to a crunchier texture. Then they'd be perfect.


  1. That looks like some very good food!

  2. I made graham crackers this week with a different recipe and was SUPER unimpressed. I might have to try yours. :)

  3. I was recently thinking how cool it could be to make my own graham crackers. (I'm starting to think of things I can do with my grandchildren when I get moved closer to them this spring.) Their mother thought graham crackers were the quintessential breakfast food. Wouldn't it make me a cool grandma to bake them from scratch! Thanks for the recipe recommendation. (OH - And the french bread looks incredible!)

    I'm here from MMB Post of the Week (#26 The Man of My Dreams)


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