Sunday, March 20, 2011

Visiting Sunbeam (248:365)

Cryptic sounding, isn't it?

Actually it's a cute story.
We are visiting Scott's family right now and at church today little Dee was super brave and went to her sunday school class all by herself and wasn't sad! She is such a big girl! She even told us about how fun it was. When I was her age I was super shy (still am a little) and was not brave enough to do things on my own. Good thing my little sis came along only 3 years later so she could help me out.

Story time:
When I was 10 or so I wanted my ears pierced and me, my mom, and my 7 year old sister went to Claire's to get it done (still not sure why my sister got to do everything I did 3 years younger...). I was too scared to go first, so I made my sister do it first. She was crying, or course, so I took off. I wasn't about to suffer that pain! My mom came and got me and forced me to do it too since I made my baby sister go first. I'm glad she did, but why do we suffer so for beauty?

I also always made my sister call people on the phone for me and ask for the free cookies at Albertson's because I was too shy.

Thank goodness I've grown out of that phase.

Bravo to Dee for never going through it!

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