Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Snacks (229:365)

Goose and I had a short break today while Dee was at preschool so we made a quick run over to lovely Trader Joe's. There I found a few new fun things. 

  Used it in the shower and the entire bathroom smelled like lavender for hours! 
It was a lovely experience.

Orange Air Therapy Spray. It smells lovely. It doesn't last very long, but just one squirt transforms the air into a spring day in Mesa, walking in an orange grove. Yes, it smells that good. And there's nothing funky in it, so breath it in! Over, and over, and over...


And finally, Veggie Sticks. Made from potato flour, these lowish fat/ lowish calorie snacks are salty and super crunchy. Just what the diet doctor ordered! These little crunchies barely made it through the day at our house. They didn't meet a mouth here that didn't like them. 


Goose was ADORABLE eating them.

I know, I'm a bad mom for feeding my baby fried chip things. Justification, they have spinach and tomato powder in them too. So, they have to be at least a little bit good for you. Tomato powder has got to have some vitamins.

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  1. ABSOLUTELY LOVE this idea, for your blog. Only sad that I discovered you so far into your year long challenge!


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