Sunday, July 18, 2010

Photoshop Experiments (4:365)

Pioneer Woman is the best. Her blog has TONS of Photoshop and photography tutorials to help newbies like me
make our poor pictures pop!Today I learned how to brighten up a picture with a FREE action from her blog. I also worked on how to make my sister's eyes a little more sparkly,
just how they should be.


(Free) Actions are my new best friend.

Side note: My poor sister Sarah's car broke down on her way home from Utah today. Unfortunately we were a couple of hours behind her and couldn't help. She did get a super nice tow truck man to take her to a shop and is doing okay. I wanted to brighten up this cute picture of her to help brighten up her crappy day.
Everyone needs a cute picture of themselves.

Love you, Sarah.

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