Thursday, July 29, 2010

First Grave Visit and First Basque Festival (15:365)

We stopped in Yakima for a few minutes on our way from Washington to Utah today. It was the first time I've brought my girls to visit the graves of my favorite great grandparents. I miss them so much, Earl and Melba. Aren't their names the cutest?! I cried a little.
I miss them.

We are sleeping in Boise tonight and saw that a Basque Festival was going on downtown while we were watching the news. I almost tried my first paella, but they ran out before I could buy some. I did try my first Spanish pop (it was good!) and some authentic flan (not my first).

Jane had a crazy good time in the city fountain.
And we forgot to take our car top carrier off before we went downtown and were EXTREMELY happy to see that no Boisean's wanted to rob us of our clothes.
Thank you Boise.

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