Friday, February 24, 2012

Re-reading The Hunger Games

I am just starting to re-read The Hunger Games, getting ready for the movie in a couple of weeks. I can't wait to see it! My friend B invited me to go with her and when I told Scott he said I couldn't go without him. Lame. I'm glad he likes it so much, but sometimes a girl just wants to hang with another girl. Oh well. It will still be fun, since it will now be a double date instead.

I couldn't find our copy of the book anywhere since more than 50% of our stuff is in boxes in the basement right now, as we are house sitting for my in-laws. So I got on the hold list for our library last week and ended up in line as number 177! I thought I'd be lucky to read it before the next movie comes out, but it only took a week to get to the top of the list! This copy has obviously been devoured. Pages are falling out, and it looks like it's been at the bottom of a 6th graders backpack for 9 months. Not that it bothers me much. I'll still devour the book myself (once more), and douse my hands in purel as I do.

BTW, have you guys seen the movie trailer yet? It is so intense! It makes my heart race and my eyes leak some sort of salty substance...

You should check it out. You know where I'll be on March 12th!

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  1. I know! I'm loving it soooo much. It's making me cry and neglect the kids all at the same time.


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