Monday, September 24, 2012

Given the Okay

I know at least of couple of you noticed that this blog has had some issues lately, but they appear to have been resolved and I can get back into writing again. 

Dee's birthday is coming up next week and I am still working on getting that put together. She wants a "Dance Party". I think we've agreed on a rockin' cool dance party, over a princess-ey type one, after some persistence and finagling on my part. I think it's gonna be fun! I'm trying not to get too stressed and go over the top about it, cuz' Scott don't like a party planning momma. He says parties make me grouchy. Boo. I told him to suck it up cuz' parties are fun and are supposed to make you grouchy cuz' it takes lots of planning and stress to make it fun. He said okay. And I said I'd try to tame it down a bit, so we'll meet in the middle.

Z is a sweet dolly, climbing the stairs (boo!) and "cruising" all over the house. Goose is a 2 year old. Adorable, but a danadinho (like a naughty stinker head a la Portuguese). Dee is almost 5. Smart, friendly, sweet and obedient. Things are going well and I have a plethora of plans for creative things to do. Now I just need to get these kiddos to leave me alone for a few minutes so I can do something fun! :) Since Scott and I just finished season 2 of the Walking Dead, I can breath a little more and not be so scared to walk into a dark room for another 3 weeks before season 3 starts up.

What are you up to?

Friday, March 23, 2012


I'm sure, if you are on Pinterest, that you've seen these Lemon Buddies chex mix snacks. I thought they would be amazing, since I love Muddie Buddies and I love lemon.


That's what I think about them. 

My two-year-old wouldn't even eat more than 2 pieces. 

What's the big deal? Did you like them?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Must Make This Now

Oh. My. Gosh. 
This skirt is adorable! I have this insatiable desire to sew it immediately! Too bad I just waisted my entire evening online instead of making one of these adorable skirts.

Therefore, it's all metric measurements, but that shouldn't be a problem...? Right???
We'll see...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Must Have: Home Edition

Do your clothes look just as wrinkled after you iron them as they did before? Mine used to! (Notice the use of past tense.) You need to understand, I still hate ironing, however, this little magic spray actually makes my clothes look like they really were ironed.

Yes, this little $0.99 spray can "Makes Ironing Easier"! 
I bought this stuff on a whim one day while browsing around Target, hoping to find a magical cure for my ironing blues. Well, I found it indeed. This stuff is so cheap and lasts forever (well, forever when you hardly ever iron anything). Just lightly spray your fabric to be ironed (read can to see if it is safe to use on your fabric of choice), and iron as usual. 

I use this stuff on fabric I'm sewing with too and it works wonders.

I love it! Definitely a Must Have. 

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Cotton Candy Skirt

I love the site Sew Can She
You can sign up to get daily sewing tutorials sent to your email! The tutorials are all free, from bloggers around the web. They vary from children's clothes and toys, home decor, cute accessories, baby items, sewing techniques, holiday decor, and more!

They also almost always have some sort of fabric giveaway going on. You can't keep me away from a fabric giveaway!

I recently volunteered to be a tutorial tester for Sew Can She
My first tutorial I tested is being featured in their daily tutorial email being sent out tomorrow, March 15th! It a girls skirt, called The Cotton Candy Skirt, from the ladies at the cute blog Simple Simon & Co. Here is a photo of my version.

Sign up for the Sew Can She email, and you'll get this and other tutorials delivered to your inbox daily. Or, head on over to the website tomorrow to see this tutorial featured, with a picture of my humble version featured on the right of the tutorial page, above the description.

Hope you enjoy making your little sweetie one of these poofy, frilly skirts! 
Dee just loves hers!

Here's Goo, helping with during the skirt's photo shoot...

 I love me a two-year-old!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New (To Me) Music

My hubby is a music lover LOVER. He sent me this video today. Love the song, and the video is awesome. Thought you might like it too...


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